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The chair is a basic Furniture type that contains two pieces of durable material, Seat and Back at a 900 angle or more. Other features such are armrest, footrest, base, recliner, folding etc depends on your requirements.

We have designed this website to help you to buy different types of chairs. We have researched different types of chairs and described here for your information.

We recommend you to must visit this website before buying any chair to increase your knowledge about chairs. We have described chair types and their beneficial features and disadvantages according to our experience, knowledge, and research.

ChairFunda is always ready to help you and we are prompt to answer your questions to fulfill all types of your Chair needs.  We are pleased to release our researches through our website and feel proud to help all visitors of the web. We will continue our research and will share the same through this platform. Till now we have covered the following topics:-

  • Best Bean Bag Chair
  • Zero Gravity Chair
  • car seats
  • Best Gaming Chair
  • most comfortable / office chairs

More types, coming soon…….

Please comment on your views after the visit of our Web and feel free to ask any question related to our research about Chairs.