The Best Chair for Computer Work of 2023 – Top List With Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best chair for computer work is indeed very subjective. Not everyone wants the same types of Chair. Some people put comfort first, while others may look at the price at the top, and some people prefer the durability than comfort and price.

Unless you have a standing desk, you may spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. Even if you get up and walk around regularly, the time you sit down will accumulate, so it’s worth it to ensure that your office chair is comfortable and ergonomic.

What is the Best Chair for computer work? This is a question we encounter and it is usually difficult to answer.

For the hardware and equipment you use in your home or office, the humble desk and Chair may be one of the most overlooked elements. Expensive PCs, tablets, phones, monitors, etc. easily excite you.

However, you may never think that you are sitting in the old computer chair that is crumbling. This Chair may be more like the closest Chair at home than your study or workplace.

High quality best Chair for computer work can lift you to the first-class comfort. These types of chairs designed to comfortably support your body for a long time.

I studied dozens of chairs for computer work, and bring a list of the top six best chairs for computer work, and this list will answer your question about How do I choose a Computer Chair

1. Space Seating – Professional Chair for Computer Work with padded black Eco Leather SeatProfessional Chair for Computer Work review

If your budget is tight let’s face it, this is true for many people, especially those of us who are responsible for buying our office chairs-you may be destined to sit back to back Uncomfortable chair.

Simple design makes you feel comfortable. This simple and practical design has a variety of ergonomic adjustment functions, including 2 to 1 simultaneous tilt, pneumatic seat height adjustment and angle adjustable arm.

The professional Air Seating AirGrid won’t let you back down. Although it can’t compete with the high-quality products of Herman Miller or Steelcase, it is still a very suitable, supportable and comfortable table and chair for most users.

The built-in lumbar support device allows you to enjoy the comfort of AirGrid because it will be consistent with your body during long hours of work and can provide passive ergonomic support. Besides, the 5700E has also passed GreenGuard certification, which has lower chemical emissions and can improve indoor air quality in your home or office.

Those who don’t like chairs mainly complain that the chairs cannot support for a long time, or that their arms are shaking. Nevertheless, the chair is very cheap in terms of cost.

Space Seating Professional AirGrid seats are adjustable in height, with tilt control and adjustable armrests. The back designed with a waist support mesh similar to Aeron or Sayl, breathable. Padded leather seat cushions can provide comfort, but over time, some users may feel uncomfortable; if the chair used heavily, such cushions would also lose their strength and shape.

  • Attractive price
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonably Ergonomic
  • Breathable Back
  • Some complaints of rickety armrests, squeakiness, and lack of durability

2. Modway – Articulate Ergonomic Computer chair

Ergonomic Computer chair

The Modway articulated office chair is an affordable option that can check all ergonomic chairs. The articulated ergonomic mesh computer chair is a turning point for your daily routine computer-related tasks. The breathable mesh backrest and the luxurious vinyl seat can use as a simple extension of your daily work.

The height of the backrest and seat depth can be easily adjusted to suit your height and body shape, while the height of the two sturdy armrests can be adjusted to help you sit vertically. The hinged computer desk office chair also includes tilting tension and locking functions, which can be tilted and tilted comfortably as needed.

Equipped with five twin casters with caps, Articulate Task Chair allows you to easily slide across the carpeted floor while performing tasks naturally without effort.

  • Attractive Rate
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Best for use at Home
  • Easy movement
  • Not luxury look

3. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review

steelcase leap fabric chair

Leap is a highly ergonomic chair that can be adjusted to your body, so you don’t have to adjust your body to fit the Chair. The LiveBack technology and the Leap back of the chair can change shape to mimic and support the easy movement of the spine. With simple and intuitive adjustments, you can easily adjust the Leap seat to fit you comfortably throughout the day. The full features of the Steelcase Leap seat include adjustable seat height, adjustable backrest, height-width-pivot depth-adjustable arm, black plastic frame, housing, base, arm, adjustable lumbar support, hard casters, Fabric, refurbishment out of the box.

The design of the Steelcase Leap lies is its beauty. You are free to adjust the armrests and the height of the Chair to your specifications. The Chair glides smoothly over hard or carpeted flooring and reclines comfort so you can change your sitting position throughout the working day.

The Chair is also 98 % recyclable and made from 30 % recycled materials, meaning it’s a bit easier on the environment as well as your spine

  • Ergonomic design 
  • Durable construction 
  • 12-year warranty
  • The seat and back can get hot in warm weather

4. Amazon Basics – Classic Office Chair: Best Chair for Compute Work – BIFMA Certified

amazonbasics classic office chair

You do n’t need to spend a lot of money to have a decent place to park, and the AmazonBasics Classic office chair is our best budget choice. Throughout the working day, use the AmazonBasics Classic Office Chair to experience luxurious comfort and stable, ergonomic support.

This adjustable chair has a 360-degree rotation capability and wheels, allowing you to quickly pivot between items. This executive chair has a rugged five-point base design that can withstand daily use. The AmazonBasics chair is perfect for home offices or any workspace, combining a stable structure with all-day comfort and excellent manoeuvrability.

The AmazonBasics Classic office chair has a simple and modern appearance, with cushioning explicitly designed for waist and head support. It is an ideal solution for people who work on a desk or computer for a long time.

It includes a sloping waterfall seat edge to reduce back and leg pressure and provides luxurious padding on the back, head, and seat to be ergonomic. Easily adjust the height of the chair to achieve the best angle when typing or writing to reduce work-related stress.

  • Adjustable height and tilt tension
  • Stain-proof and sweat-wicking microfiber cover
  • No arm, lumbar or seat-tilt adjustment

5. Ergohuman – High Back Swivel Computer ChairHigh Back Swivel Computer Chair

The EUROTECH Ergohuman mesh chair has eight ergonomic adjustment functions to provide maximum comfort throughout the day. Breathable mesh seats and backrests promote air circulation and provide more support.

Adjustability includes: tilt tension control, tilt lock, back tilt angle, back tilt height, synchronized tilt, seat height, seat depth and arm height. Chrome/polypropylene base with nylon casters. Made from 97% recyclable components. Passed Greenguard indoor air quality certification. Meets or exceeds ANSI / BIFMA standards.

There are a variety of chairs models to choose from, some of which have dropped mesh seats for leather cushions and designed to provide you with more comfort during the marathon. Either way, a separate feature set can justify the price.

  • Mesh Material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable setting
  • ANSI/BIFMA Standards
  • Price is High

6. Herman Miller Sayl – Good chair for computer work

Good chair for computer work

Herman Miller’s Chair is famous for its appearance. I have selected this Chair in my list due to its Good design, healthy support and extraordinary value. By using intelligent engineering techniques to convert simple materials, Herman Miller can make Sayl more accessible to more people.

Sayl’s frameless 3D smart backplane allows you to stretch and move to achieve a healthy balance between body support and freedom of movement. The elastomeric strands of the suspension backrest vary to provide more exceptional comfort in the transition zone along the spine, while providing less support anywhere else to encourage seating movement.

Sayl’s frameless back of the chair and the support of Y-Tower create a striking visual beauty while revealing the designer’s stimulation and intention.

If you are looking for very comfortable and stylish, then this particular model is a right choice. Sayl has a “3D smart” backrest design that gives the Chair a unique look while providing support. It is frameless, and the back fits closely to your spine curve, which should make it easier to maintain a sitting posture for a long time while maintaining a healthy position. Sayl also has a tilt limiter, so if you tilt too far back, you don’t have to worry about falling. Maximum load capacity: 350lbs.

Sayl is not only inventive and creative but also reasonably priced, and it can prove that its intelligently designed work chair can adopt advanced ergonomic design. If you ask What is the Best Office Chair for Sitting Long Hours, then I will suggest you the Sayl Chair in answer.

  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Stylish Look
  • Durable Chair
  • Expensive

7. BERLMAN – Task Desk Computer Chair

task dek computer chair

This BERLMAN chair brings a lot of comfort at a relatively attractive economical price. The mesh backrest and seat cushion ensure long-lasting breathability, allowing you to sit at the comfortable Chair for a long time to stay ergonomic comfortable. In terms of ergonomics, you can get built-in lumbar support and headrests, as well as adjustable seat height, armrests and inclination. It sits on wheels and can support 300 pounds of weight.

If you classify yourself in the “tall” category in height, then this ergonomic Computer chair is better than some centre-back chairs because it provides more support and can bear more weight. But it also has a disadvantage-the headrest cannot be adjusted, so if you are too short, you may find this computer chair uncomfortable or inconsistent with your body size.

  • Durable and Soft Nylon Material
  • Large Chair with dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 26 x 49 inches
  • Back Seat Height is 28 inches
  • Easy to move with 33.3 pounds of weight
  • Not Suitable for the Neck/Head Support of Medium person

8. Hbada – (Amazon’s Choice) Home Comfort Chair

hbada Home Comfort Chair

This mid-back computer chair is stylish and ergonomic, with a breathable mesh backrest, a 360-degree rotating wheel and a backrest designed to reduce spinal pain. To save your working space, you can flipped-up arms of the Chair, so you can roll the Chair under the table comfortably.

Similar to most other options on the market, the Chair’s aerodynamic height is adjustable from 17.7 to 21.2 inches. Its 120-degree tilt tension is particularly prominent so that you can tilt the chair to the most suitable seating position. This Chair is best for medium persons. The sturdy Chair measures 23.7 x 23.4 x 11.2 inches and has a maximum load of 250 pounds of weight.

  • Best for Medium persons
  • Ergonomic Chair in economical price
  • Stylish look with White Color
  • Adjustable under table
  • Adjustable arms
  • White Color may not adjust with your room decoration

9. BestOffice – Mesh Computer Chair

bestoffice Mesh Computer Chair
This mesh computer chair is durable in quality. The locking mechanism is easy to adjust the height for rest, keep the back upright, and reduce the pressure and pain of your body.

Ergonomic comfort specially designed so that whether you are playing a game, working on a computer or meeting in an office, you can enjoy your sitting and working style.
This ergonomic Chair has passed all the components of BIFIMA certification, and it is a reliable and sturdy choice for users weighing less than 250 pounds.

You can quickly assemble the Chair at any time using all hardware and necessary tools. With step-by-step instructions giving in manual, you will be able to start the game and be ready to take office in about just 10 to 15 minutes!

This Chair is available with a 90-day warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, but if you are not satisfied, please contact customer service of the supplier.

  • Durable Mesh Chair
  • Multi colors available
  • Unique Ergonomic design for your comfort
  • BIFIMA Certified Chair
  • Easy assembling
  • 90 days warranty
  • Some time manual missed in packing

10. AmazonBasics Classic Curved Back Accent Chair with Ottoman

Classic curved chair

This Amazon Basics chair is not basically for computer work, but you can use this Chair for computer work. I added this Chair in my list due to the relaxed design of Chair and Ottoman.

I like this Chair, and I enjoy any short movie when I feel tiredness. I just relaxed my legs at Ottoman and feel unbeatable relax.

This Chair has a curved accent and footrest cover for living room, bedroom, home and office, etc. The subtle design of the mid-century provides a sophisticated retro style with a contemporary look. The woven interior and tapered wooden feet are for more relax during working hours.

The filled foam structure cushions can support your body comfortably. The solid wood frame of the Chair and tapered legs for footrests make this Chair more attractive. Moreover, you can use this Chair in your living room and bedroom without a computer.

  • Ergonomic curved design
  • Special separate footrest
  • You can use it in the bedroom/living room
  • The solid wood frame with foam
  • Modern Design
  • The chair is very simple
  • Not suitable for office use

Type of Chairs for Computer Work – The Ultimate Buying Guide

type of chair for computer work

There are multiple different types of office chairs on the market today, which can satisfy your various tastes and preferences. We will outline the main types below, and finally, will show different types of office chairs.

  • Conference Chairs
  • Big and Tall Chairs
  • Executive Chairs
  • Guest Chairs
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs
  • Stacking Chairs
  • Petite Chairs
  • Stock Chairs
  • And Stools

How to Choose the Good Chair for Computer Work:

After the price, there are two main criteria for selecting a computer chair. These two factors are comfort and adjustability. Relaxation is easy to understand: a comfortable chair should provide both a yielding seat and the foundation firmness you need behind.

It also wicks moisture, so you don’t sweat on warm days. The seat should be wide enough so that a taller person can sit comfortably on top of it without feeling that he squeezed into the child ’s chair.

The contour of the armrests should allow the elbows and upper arms to rest comfortably on it, and made of fabric or softer materials. When you hit the elbows, they will not tremble the elbows.

Adjustability is another major factor. A best computer chair should allow you to adjust almost everything, including the following

  • Seat height
  • Seat depth
  • Backrest height
  • Footrest height (if present)
  • Armrest height
  • Armrest width
  • Armrest angle
  • Seat angle
  • Backrest angle

If you must evaluate the chair from a distance, look for adjustability. Generally, you need a suitable height range so that your thighs sit parallel to the floor – you can measure the height of existing chairs before you start shopping online.

It is also essential to provide a contoured backrest for waist support, as well as the ability to move the backrest itself to fine-tune it to your body. Any other adjustments, such as full recline or seat and backrest movement in some high-tech synchronized manner, are all gravity.

If you want to be truly comfortable, make sure that the seat is wide enough and deep enough to fit your bottom; if you are a significant person, make sure that the chair can bear the weight. The maximum load may surprise you in other ways.

We know that someone bought a rather high-end chair for the home office, and one day his wife tried to sit on his lap and look at his computer screen. That exceeded the capacity of the chair and failed catastrophically.

How I tested Best Chairs For You?

I am a product testing technician and review enthusiast. As a person with the chronic low back disease, please make sure that I can get the best support while sitting, which is different. When I say that once you start to sit on a chair with strong waist support, trust me, you do n’t want to go back to the ordinary chair anymore.

After several weeks of research, I narrowed my search to just a few finalists. For three months, I studied everything the chair must provide, such as materials, adjustability, durability and overall comfort. Then, I looked at the survey results and determined which chairs made me as rigid as a board or made me feel as if I were sitting on a cloud.


This article is comprehensive guide, which includes some of the best style chairs you can now consider using on your computer.

The comfort chair for Computer Work is indeed subjective. I tried my best to establish a test method to eliminate as much subjectivity as possible. By collecting opinions from people with different shapes, sizes and preferences, I can find the most popular chair.

Not all the chairs I have listed are suitable for everyone. I hope you can find the right option for you. If not, I hope you have enough useful information to be confident in finding the most comfortable and best chair for computer work

Frequently Asked Questions for Computer Work Chair:

How Can I make my chair Comfortable?

If your office chair is uncomfortable, unfortunately, there are not many ways to make the chair more comfortable. You can try some accessories, such as additional seat cushions or lumbar support. You can see if there is something like a footrest that helps your posture make the chair more comfortable. If available, you can try to add the upgrade to the chair. Maybe you can add a headrest or a better arm. If these options do not work for you, then you may need to start looking for a new chair.

How do you sit on a chair for a long time?

Different postures will make different people feel comfortable. A commonly-recommended sitting posture is the typical ergonomic posture, with knees, hips and elbows at 90 degrees. This posture will minimize the stress on your joints and muscles, which helps reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. Most office chairs designed for this position, which is another reason for choosing this method.

Can I repair my Computer Chair?

Computer chairs can damage due to a variety of factors, including heat, sweat, moisture, and mould. These problems can be resolved accordingly and can systematically repair to correct these specific problems.
If there is a problem with any mechanism or metal frame, the repair cost may be high.
Depending on the severity of the damage problem, you can decide whether to repair or replace the computer chair.

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